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  Nora's Dental Den is now Open!!

Trying to teach your kids the importance of looking after their teeth but getting no-where?? Bring them to Nora's Dental den,they will learn when,why and how to brush and floss their teeth until they are ready for the tooth fairy to collect.

FREE Dental Pack with every appointment made.

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Kevin Sanders. "Broke a tooth whilst on holiday they managed to see me within 2 hours.They were very helpful and nice.If i lived there i would go to this practice and i am scared stiff of dentists.I would reccommend Miltown Dental Practice"...
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Communion Day

Wishing all the boys and girls from Miltown the very best as they prepare to make their First  Holy Communion on Saturday the 10th of May!! Hope everyone has a wonderful and special day from all of us at Miltown Dental Practice. Don't forget to have your smile bright on your child's communion day!!...
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