We are now a member of DeCare Dental Direct Pay

Making dental care less painful on your pocket . . .

Through our direct payment dental service.

When you attend any dentist on our Direct Pay Network, you won’t need to submit a claim, the dentist will do this for you.

  • Less strain on your pocket – We will pay the dentist directly for the percentage of the costs covered by your policy
  • Less hassle for you – The dentist will take care of your claims submission

Plus you’ll still be able to attend all of the existing dentists on our dental directory by sending us your claim as normal.

DeCare Dental’s network of direct pay dental practices are approved by our clinical team, who ensure that they can provide the information and support required to process claims for members efficiently and with minimal member effort. We are continually adding new practices to the network so keep a check on our Dentist Finder for updates.

If your dental practice is not currently on our direct payment network and you would like us to discuss this service with your dental practice, please contact our customer support team on 1890 130 017 to discuss.

So, How Does Direct Pay Work?

1. Getting Started

  • To find a list of participating dentists, just visit www.decaredental.ie/dentist-finder
  • You must phone DeCare Dental before you attend for your first dental appointment – Call us on 1890 130 017
  • DeCare Dental will confirm your entitlements to you and to your dental practice.
  • If you are a dentist and are interested in finding out more about our direct payment service, please contact us on 1890 130 017.  

2. Before Visiting your Dentist

  • Book in for your first appointment, which may include an exam, cleaning, x-rays and any urgent dental treatment
  • Let your dentist know before your treatment that you want to use the direct pay service

3. At the Dentist

  • Bring your policy number and photo ID with you to your dental appointment
  • If further treatment is needed, your dental surgery will provide DeCare Dental with a treatment plan for approval before your next visit

4. Payment

  • The dentist will submit your claim to DeCare, who will pay your dental surgery directly
  • You will only need to pay your dentist for the treatments or costs that are not covered on your plan